Audited Financial Statements

Tides Canada Foundation and Tides Canada Initiatives Society are registered non-profit societies and registered charities under the Income Tax Act. Tides Canada Foundation and Tides Canada Initiatives Society pursue common goals. They are separate legal entities but share staff and board members.

In April 2005, the Boards decided to operate both organizations under common control. Consequently, and in accordance with Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Practice, the audited financial statements cover both organizations.

T3010 CRA Filings

Financial disclosure

Per the Tides Canada Conflict of Interest Policy, no board member received, either directly or indirectly, any salary, wages, fees, commissions, or other amount for services rendered to the organization in their capacity as a director. In fiscal 2016 an amount of $4,523 was paid in commission fees related to an investment in which a board member is the CEO. The board member in question recused himself from all board and committee meetings in which the investment in question was discussed and voted on.