Tides Top 10 for 2010

They are Canada’s most innovative and forward-thinking initiatives. They inspire people to take action, to think in new ways and to make the world a better place. Click on the photos below to learn why we chose these amazing initiatives, send them your kudos, and donate. The more people know about their great work, the more successful they will be. Please take a moment to learn more about our Top 10 and share this with a friend or three.

Arctic Athabaskan Council

Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Interests, Arctic Biodiversity, Climate Change, Cultural Preservation.

Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement

A historic agreement signifying a new era of joint leadership in Canada’s boreal forest

Ecology Action Centre

Action is their middle name

Jane’s Walk

Walkable cities/urban literacy/cities designed for and by people

Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

Representing the power of communities

Protect the Peel Campaign

Working together to protect the Yukon’s Peel River Watershed

Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition

Kick-ass conservation for a wild Skeena

Small Change Fund

Empowering you to make big change with small change

Sustain Ontario

The Alliance for Healthy Food and Farming

Water Matters

Protecting Alberta’s watersheds, inspiring people to action