These are our Tides Top 10.

They are organizations, communities or individuals that align with our mandate for  a healthy environment, social equity, and economic prosperity for all Canadians.

To find the Tides Top 10, an internal panel of Tides Canada staff and board of directors nominate and shortlist candidates based on the following:

Selection Criteria

  1. Does it provide new/innovative approaches or apply strategic philanthropy to address complex challenges in the social justice or environmental sector? (work at the cross-section of both is even better!)
  2. Does it foster collaboration between folks that don’t normally work together – e.g. corporations and grassroots, the old and the young, different cultures, community co-design projects, competing parties with common ground? In other words, does the initiative prove that “Canada works better when Canada works together?”
  3. Is there alignment with one of Tides Canada’s main focus areas?

Oceans and Freshwater: Initiatives that conserve and protect our liquid loves: marine animals, fresh and salty water systems and access to a glass of clean fresh water, straight from the tap.

Forests: From grassroots to boardrooms, we are looking for initiatives working to keep the bark in our nation’s leafy lungs.

Social Inclusion and Civic Engagement: Work that strengthens communities and individuals through social service programming and social justice initiatives.

Arts and Culture: Creative expression is directly linked to well-being. We are seeking social change initiatives tapping into art in new ways to tackle social justice issues.

Climate and Energy: We’re looking for Canadians who are building better ways to bridge the gap between the energy we consume and the climate we depend on, in one of the hottest global topics out there.

Food: What could be more important for the environment and social justice really? Seeking initiatives that know we must address food sovereignty and production in order to tackle the social and environmental challenges that come from a system out of balance.

Education, Research and Capacity Building: Young or old, we can teach each other new tricks. We’re looking for initiatives dedicated to building capacity, education and leadership development for positive social change.

Health: We’re not looking for Band-Aid solutions, but initiatives that approach health as it pertains to social justice and our environment.

International Development: Canadians that take their responsibilities as global citizens seriously are designing ways to contribute to the well-being of human life and environments far away, knowing that we are all connected.

Environment (General): Initiatives that conserve, protect and manage wildlife and habitat, including protecting biodiversity in rural and urban environments.