A donor advised fund at Tides Canada is an easy and efficient alternative to creating your own charitable or private foundation. We handle the paperwork and provide due diligence so that you can focus on making change. When you open a donor advised fund at Tides Canada, you join a national community of changemakers—people and initiatives from coast to coast to coast—passionate about the environment and social equity.


Efficient, Flexible Giving

  • Centralize charitable giving in one place.
  • Eliminate the need to track multiple tax receipts.
  • Advise grants to charities online any time, without the pressure of year-end deadlines.
  • Receive regular statements summarizing your giving and granting.

Maximize Tax Benefits

  • Donate to your fund any time and receive an immediate tax receipt for your gift.
  • Donate how you want; we accept everything from securities to planned gifts.
  • When donating appreciated securities to your fund, you receive the maximum tax benefits.


  • A donor advised fund is more cost-effective than setting up, administering, and reporting on a standalone charitable foundation.
  • Our knowledgeable staff handle all administrative, legal, and accounting work for your fund.

Leave a Legacy

  • Plan your future giving today; you can start a Legacy Fund to make your future giving plan a reality.
  • Invite family and friends to engage; you can appoint a successor to make grants from your fund in the future, or advise Tides Canada to carry out your giving plan.
  • Make a donation by leaving a gift in your will (a bequest) or gifts of RRSP/RRIF, publicly traded securities, or life insurance to further support your giving plan.

Open a donor advised fund and start making an impact in three easy steps:

  1. Select the type of donor advised fund you would like to open.
  2. Name your fund and make an initial contribution.
  3. Start granting to Tides Canada initiatives that fit your giving plan, or to any of your favourite local or national charities.

Ready to get started? Contact Melissa Leite at or 647.497.9975 to open your donor advised fund today.

View Our Funds

  • 7th Generation Fund
  • Aguacene Fund
  • Alexander Graham Bell Innovation Fund
  • AnQi’s Little Angels Foundation Fund
  • Auerbach Family Fund
  • Aurora Fund
  • Ayalik Fund
  • Bealight Fund
  • Burton Family Fund
  • Butterfly Wings Fund
  • Chaloult Wallace Fund
  • Chauvel Fund
  • Chosen Waters Fund
  • CNIS Surgical & Obstetrical Skills Education Fund
  • Cohen Building Fund
  • Communications & Broadcasting Canadian Trust Fund
  • Coyle Family Foundation Fund
  • CPAWS Nova Scotia Conservation Fund
  • Crumbfree Caribou Fund
  • Dark Horse Fund
  • David J. Sokol Endowment Fund
  • Division of UBC PM&R Fund
  • DLN Fund
  • Don Rubenstein Housing Fund
  • Dr. Bik May Wai & Dr. Chung Nin Lam Endowment Fund
  • Dragonfly Fund
  • Draimin-Haddon Endowment Fund
  • Équiterre Fund
  • Friends of Qatuwas Fund
  • Friends of QQS Conservation Support Fund
  • Fund for Action on Investment Responsibility
  • Funding Awesome Fund
  • Great Bear Sea Fund
  • Harbinger Fund
  • Hollyhock Fund
  • Hoops 4 Hope Fund
  • Illahie Fund
  • Jantzi Research Fund
  • Jesse and Julie Rasch Foundation Fund
  • Joan McMillan Fund
  • Joel and Dana Solomon Fund
  • John Kenneth Galbraith Prize Endowment Fund
  • Jokabeca Foundation Fund
  • Jon Gates Foundation Fund
  • Jon Kaplan Legacy Fund
  • Language Documentation and Revitalization Fund
  • Lights On Fund
  • Lindalee Tracey Award Fund
  • Lunapads Global Opportunity Fund
  • MacGavin Fund
  • McMillan-Dobell Fund
  • Mentoring Excellence BC Fund
  • Michael and Amelia Humphries Earthrise Legacy Fund
  • Myer Fund
  • Naramata Conservation Fund
  • Natural Burial Association Fund
  • New Literacies Fund
  • Nonprofit Centers Fund
  • One Pull Fund
  • OSEA Education and Research Fund
  • Pacific Wild Fund
  • Planeterra Fund
  • Power of Giving Fund
  • Rani Luthra Charitable Fund
  • Richardson Family Fund
  • Rideau Institute Research Fund
  • Robert Huber Memorial Fund
  • SHLF Endowment Fund
  • Skeena Watershed Fund
  • SkeenaWild Conservation Trust Fund
  • Social Innovation Conference Series
  • Social Venture Institute Fund
  • Sokol-Rubenstein Family Life Insurance Gift Fund
  • Somos El Barco Fund
  • Stand Now Fund
  • Stockton Fergus Family Fund
  • Strategic Philanthropy Course Fund
  • Street Kids International Fund
  • Sustaining Design Fund
  • Terrevive Fund
  • the deer crossing the art farm fund
  • The Funding Network-Toronto Fund
  • Transformation Fund
  • Twin Island Protection Fund
  • Twyla Roscovich Memorial Fund
  • Tyee Solutions Society Fund
  • V. Paul Lee Family Foundation
  • Valerie Elia Fund
  • Vancouver Bicycle Fund
  • Vancouver Tomorrow Fund
  • Wellbeing Project
  • Wild Faith Fund
  • YouMeWe Foundation Fund