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5 Reasons to Work with Tides Canada

1. You join a dynamic community of like-minded change makers.

When you partner with Tides Canada, you become part of a community that cares about supporting projects and organizations that benefit the public good.

You are connected to leaders and organizations on the cutting edge of change. Tides Canada projects are some of the most innovative charitable initiatives in Canada and on the planet.

Rather than give or work in isolation, you have the opportunity to learn and collaborate on key issues such as climate change, wilderness protection, marine conservation, aboriginal issues, poverty, and international development.

Meet a few of these change makers who are helping to make the world a better place. We hope you join them.

2. Our team of experts can help you do the most with your money, ideas, and ideals.

With over a century of combined experience and expertise our team at Tides Canada can help you connect and invest your charitable dollars in some of Canada’s most important and high-impact organizations. You can also support highly innovative social change projects that are achieving remarkable results.

Tides Canada is flexible and entrepreneurial, creating systems that enable next-generation charitable organizations to break out of traditional philanthropic molds.

We pool ideas, strategies, people, and capital to achieve the greatest impact on the key issues of our time.

We bring together the best minds in environmental and social justice activism to work on smart, strategic campaigns to solve social and environmental problems.

3. Tides Canada leads the way in socially responsible investing.

Giving to charity is only one part of supporting positive change. Harmonizing your values with how your dollars are invested creates even greater impact.

Your charitable dollars will be managed under our socially responsible investment (SRI) policies. Since our start-up in December 2000, we have engaged investment managers who invest in organizations whose policies and practices are as consistent as possible with our mission to build a more sustainable and just world.

With Tides Canada, you have experts who share your values. Tides Canada demonstrates its commitment to improving the world through leadership and investment in projects like the Great Bear Rainforest, initiatives to end homelessness, and programs that help impoverished communities around the world to build assets.

If you are someone who cares deeply about wildlife conservation, strengthening communities, and ending poverty, Tides Canada is right for you.

4. You can recommend grants across Canada and internationally.

Tides Canada enables you to make grants anywhere in Canada, no matter where you live.

In partnership with Tides Foundation in the U.S., we pioneered international giving services that make it easy for Canadian and U.S. donors like you to recommend grants on either side of the border and around the world.

5. Your giving will be easier, cost-effective, and more enjoyable.

Giving should be easy, personally meaningful, professionally administered, and ultimately, effective. We can tailor a broad range of effective grant-making programs for you through our focus on donor advised funds.

Whether you’re a new donor or a seasoned philanthropist looking to diversify, deepen, and simplify your giving, or a charity wanting to increase long-term support for your mission, Tides Canada offers easy and effective solutions.

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