At Tides Canada, we leverage philanthropy in smart ways to address tough environmental and social challenges.

With knowledgeable staff and deep on-the-ground networks, we pool ideas and resources to help address issues that no individual or group can tackle alone. This is furthered by our initiatives that are working to address a range of environmental and social challenges

We work with donors to invest in local solutions to environmental and well-being challenges. We help bring together diverse groups from across Canada—indigenous leaders, nonprofits, academics, community leaders, regional and national governments, philanthropists, and disparate voices—who are all part of the conversation, and part of our solutions.

Photo by Susan Mendel

Where We Work

Take a look at the impact we're having across Canada.

Impact Stories

Read about our work on the ground.

Building knowledge, sense of belonging, through the Koeye River fish weir

We highlight an initiative that seeks to deepen our understanding of the Koeye River and the resources that it supports.

Fostering social innovation through shared spaces

In the heart of Toronto’s Regent Park neighbourhood on 585 Dundas Street, you’ll find the home of the Centre for Social Innovation Regent Park.

The food that binds us

Tides Canada learning trip participants discover the food that is at the heart of two northern Manitoba communities.

Na-tas-kek: Reconnecting with mother earth

Amazing things can happen when people in communities rediscover their connections with each other and food.

East Scarborough Storefront: Building community together

In East Scarborough, local residents and organizations have come together to build a thriving community in the face of adversity.

Inspiring a new generation of leaders in the North

Dene Nahjo is a new generation of leaders and community builders working to promote indigenous leadership.

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