Impact Stories

Building knowledge, sense of belonging, through the Koeye River fish weir

We highlight an initiative that seeks to deepen our understanding of the Koeye River and the resources that it supports.

Interview: Jess Housty

Grantee partner Jess Housty shares her thoughts on leadership, indigenous stewardship, and how philanthropy can support First Nations.

Ontario Indigenous Youth Partnership Project: A unique platform for youth

Working with Indigenous youth in Ontario to grow projects that promote environmental, social, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Eyes and ears on the Pacific Coast

The Coastal Stewardship Network supports local Guardian Watchmen programs led by First Nations communities on the North and Central Coast.

Inspiring a new generation of leaders in the North

Dene Nahjo is a new generation of leaders and community builders working to promote indigenous leadership.

East Scarborough Storefront: Building community together

In East Scarborough, local residents and organizations have come together to build a thriving community in the face of adversity.

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