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Information for Charities

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Rachel Rocco
1.866.843.3722 ext. 4964

Melissa Leite
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Fundraising Support

Tides Canada assists with the acceptance and stewardship of donations to grassroots fundraising initiatives and Canadian, U.S., and international charities.

Partner with us to make giving easier for your donors and more manageable for your organization.

Expand your donor base

Tides Canada facilitates international giving for your organization, allowing you to receive tax-deductible donations from both sides of the border. If your Canadian charity has donors in the U.S. or Canadian donors with U.S.-sourced income, we ensure they receive a U.S. charitable receipt. U.S. foundations can also benefit from this service.

U.S. and international charities that wish to extend tax benefits to Canadian donors can establish a collective giving fund at Tides Canada.

Establish a Giving Fund

Outsource the acceptance of donations by starting a Giving Fund at Tides Canada. You can then choose from a wide variety of service options. We can help with:

  • a range of donation methods including secure online giving, cheques by mail, credit card, and more complex gifts of publicly traded securities and bequests
  • affordable, customized online donation pages as well as donation reports you can access 24/7
  • monthly donation spreadsheets
  • quarterly fund statements
  • grant-making planning, recommendations, review, and disbursements
  • receiving and receipting donations on both sides of the border

Can I partner with Tides Canada?

Please keep in mind the following criteria Tides uses to evaluate a potential fundraising partnership:

  • Your activities must be defined as charitable in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.
  • Your activities must be consistent with the mission and mandate of Tides Canada.
  • Your organization must have a need for, and the potential to, benefit from our services.
  • Your organization must be willing to work in collaboration with Tides Canada, specifically in the areas of charitable regulatory policy, public communications, annual fundraising plans, and donor stewardship.
  • Your organization must demonstrate ability to maintain fundraising revenues of $25,000 annually.

Extend your ability to receive complex gifts

If your organization does not have the ability to easily receive and receipt donations of shares, your donors can use Tides Canada for that purpose.

We also facilitate solutions for other types of planned gifts such as donations of insurance policies, real estate, retirement plans, and more.

We look forward to discussing how a partnership with Tides Canada can help provide a solution.

For more information, please contact us today.

1.866.TIDES.CA (843.3722) toll-free within Canada and the U.S. . Privacy Policy
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