Communications and Engagement Specialist, Project Neutral

Flexible (team is based in Toronto, ON) | Apply by August 14, 2017

Project Neutral, a project on Tides Canada’s shared platform, is an ambitious initiative to enable household action on climate change.

Canadians overwhelmingly support climate action, but many of us don’t know where to start. Project
Neutral is a world-leading social innovator helping residents understand their environmental impact and make positive change. Project Neutral’s CarbonShift Calculator gives residents the tools to shift to a low-carbon lifestyle with personalized carbon footprinting, prioritized actions, and ongoing support.

The Communications and Engagement Specialist plays a critical role at Project Neutral, stewarding partner and participant engagement to make climate action accessible and desirable for everyone. In this role, you will develop and lead the organization’s communication strategy, including content across our web app, website,  email/SMS workflows, social media, and digital marketing campaigns. You will work closely with our Managing Director to establish partnerships to bring Project Neutral’s tools to five new cities in Ontario.

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