Tides Canada, with support from the Nonprofit Centers Network, is pleased to announce the publication of the NCN Canada Shared Spaces Learning Series, composed of three research briefs on topics of interest to the Canadian shared space sector.

The learning series was designed to contribute to the emerging national conversation about the roles, capacities and limitations of shared spaces, understood in various contexts as Community Hubs, Social Purpose Real Estate and Non-profit Centres.

Knowledge in Action 1: Corporate Structures and Regulatory Contexts focuses on the legal and regulatory aspects of shared space governance, and is relevant to informing strategic decision-making about structural options available to centres, the advantages and limitations of each, and the implications of Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) policies on permissible activities for registered charities.

Knowledge in Action 2: From Start-up To Sustainability – Emerging Business Models focuses on the business aspect of space management, and is relevant for both capital campaign strategy development and operating budget design. Revenue streams and expense categories from centres across Canada are compared and explicitly placed in the context of mission-driven fiscal strategy.

Knowledge in Action 3: Proving and Improving – Evaluation in Shared Spaces focuses on impact measurement and learning evaluations for shared spaces, serving as an introduction to evaluation practice in the context of Canadian shared spaces. The different purposes achieved by evaluation and the variety of tools and frameworks currently used in the field are highlighted within.

NCN Canada is thrilled to contribute to the knowledge base of Canadian shared spaces. All three reports are available for download, free of charge, at http://tidescanada.org/about-us/reports-publications.

The Knowledge in Action Series was authored by Roman Katsnelson and Erin McFarlane on behalf of NCN Canada.

NCN Canada’s work will be represented at the 2017 Ontario Community Hubs Summit at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, May 1–3, 2017. Please join Erin McFarlane as she co-presents on May 3, 2017.

About NCN Canada
More than 200 colocation spaces, community hubs, and social-purpose real estate centres operate across Canada, with dozens more set to open their doors each year. NCN Canada offers the only national professional network for shared space centres at all stages of development, publishing and disseminating specialized research, and facilitating connections for peer learning.