Tides Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Qajaaq Ellsworth as Senior Associate for Inuit Nunangat. Based in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Qajaaq will work closely with Steve Ellis, Program Lead, Northern Canada, and continue the work of his predecessor, Sandra Inutiq, to advance Tides Canada’s northern programs throughout the four Inuit regions of Canada.

Qajaaq’s role will focus on providing service and support to our community partners, especially with respect to promoting sustainable livelihoods, advancing Inuit stewardship of land and sea resources, and fostering community well-being through cultural promotion and land-based programming.

“We welcome Qajaaq to the Tides Canada family,” says Ross McMillan, President & CEO. “His knowledge and experience will enable us to more effectively support the ongoing initiatives of our community partners across Inuit Nunangat.”

Qajaaq’s professional experience includes work in communications, community wellness, language and education, and film production. He brings deep experience with community building and working with partners across the country and beyond to support northern priorities. He enjoys spending time with his family and on the land, hunting, fishing, and camping.

“I am extremely pleased that Qajaaq has joined the Tides Canada team,” says Steve Ellis. “He brings an excellent mix of community relationships, experience, and integrity to our northern programming, and I’m excited for him to get busy working with his fellow Inuit on advancing their priorities.”

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