Advisory Services

Solutions for social good.

Today’s complex environmental and social landscape requires new and innovative approaches to philanthropy.

Philanthropists who want to contribute to meaningful change are often faced with administrative burdens, time constraints, an overwhelming number of requests, or limited experience designing and executing granting programs.

Tides Canada’s philanthropic advisory services reduce these barriers, providing philanthropists with the strategy, expertise, tools, and community connections to activate their philanthropy.

In collaboration, we create custom solutions to achieve the change you want to see in the world. Tides Canada has 20 years of experience building and implementing a unique approach for delivering effective philanthropic solutions.

We provide the following services:

  • Conduct research on diverse issues and geographies.
  • Design and implement an effective granting strategy.
  • Identify and build community connections.
  • Manage administration, evaluation, reporting, and shared learning.

And, because our philanthropic advisory services team works with all of Tides Canada’s in-house tools and expertise, you can also:

  • Simplify giving with a donor advised fund, an efficient alternative to starting a foundation.
  • Activate investment capital for social change with impact investing.
  • Seed a new initiative on our shared platform that supports a healthy environment, social equity, and economic prosperity.