Play BIG 2018

Activate your whole portfolio toward mission and purpose

May 31 – June 3, 2018
Presented by Tides Canada, with the support of RSF Social Finance
Facilitated by Marian Moore
At Juniper Hotel in Banff, Alberta

Please save the date for this intimate, perspective-shifting convening designed for aspiring and experienced investors/philanthropists who have many millions of dollars of discretionary wealth and a drive to integrate their money more fully into their life and mission. Part learning through stories, part personal reflection, part strategic planning, Play BIG Banff, designed and facilitated by Marian Moore, creates an inspiring and safe environment to enable breakthroughs in how you work with your whole portfolio—through philanthropy, investment and everything in between. You will gain tools, resources and support to use your wealth to advance your mission in alignment with your values, your vision, and who you are as a human being.

If you’ve joined us before, consider returning for deepening the work to guide you to your next moves.


Each year, we create an environment in which 15-20 attendees reimagine their money as a vital expression of their own values and vision for the world they want to help create. The attendees—each of whom have a significant discretionary capital (personally held or in a family foundation)—are at different stages in their evolution and relationship with money. An essential part of the convening is the support from a team of experienced social investment experts and strategic thinkers (scroll down to Storytellers and Guides to learn more).

The agenda for the three-day gathering is therefore designed to enable all attendees to find their own way toward questions and answers that are relevant to their particular paths of inquiry through:

  • creative self-reflection
  • strategic planning sessions
  • real-time case study problem solving
  • one-on-one consultations

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Carol Newell and Marian Moore launched Play BIG in 2004 with a desire to support the repurposing of great wealth to tackle issues at the root of systemic problems. Play BIG was inspired by Carol’s experiment that activated her entire portfolio of over 60 million dollars over a twenty-year period with a mission to stimulate a regional, green-solutions presence and economy in British Columbia through grants, investments, and innovative collaborations. See the full history.

For More Information

Please contact Leanne Burton for Canadian inquiries ( | 647.792.0636) or
Marian Moore for US inquiries ( | 612.817.2426)

Storytellers and Guides

At the centre of Play BIG, storytellers will share their multi-layered, personal, and informative experiences of using wealth strategically, mindfully, and in service of social change. Guides are a team of supportive and experienced social investment experts and strategic thinkers are an essential part of the convening. This year’s storytellers and guides are:

Sallie Calhoun - Storyteller
President, Globetrotter Foundation

Sallie owns and manages the Paicines Ranch, a 7600-acre ranch in central California. She is also an impact investor, activist, and philanthropic funder in regenerative agriculture. Her work focuses on improving the health of agricultural soils and sequestering carbon in soil to mitigate climate change, while creating healthier people and planet. She is the founder of the recently launched No Regrets Initiative, which seeks to use all available forms of capital – human, natural, investment, and philanthropic to affect change in the agricultural system. Read more.

Bella White - Storyteller

Annabelle’s vision is to transform wealth to health. Nearly 10 years ago, just before coming into a significant family inheritance, Annabelle was looking for a new way to invest. She attended Play BIG which exponentially expanded her vision for activating wealth. The story of the subsequent decade is one of developing her personal vision, her leadership muscle, and a strategy and a team to make leading-edge choices in Canadian philanthropy and North American mission-aligned investments. Most recently, Annabelle partnered with Tides Canada to form collaborations of funders and NGOs to improve progress towards freshwater health and reducing exposure to toxics in Canada. Read more.

Marian Moore - Guide
Co-Founder and Facilitator, Play BIG

Marian brings her skills as a facilitator, leadership coach, and producer to the work of helping foster the emergence of a new economy that places ecological sustainability and fairness at its center. She is the producer and lead facilitator of Play BIG and of Lead with Land, a leadership coach and consultant to people with large capital reserves, and a Senior Advisor to RSF Social Finance as part of its Field Building Collaborative. She is now helping to develop RSF’s Integrated Capital Fellowship. Prior to Play BIG, Marian acted as conference design facilitator for Threshold Foundation, of which she has been a member for twenty-seven years. Read more.

Carol Newell - Guide
Founder, Renewal, and
Co-Founder, Play BIG

An investor by circumstance, an innovator by nature, Carol has established a life’s work to activate wealth for common benefit. With a goal to build a stewardship culture, and a strategy to focus funding by galvanizing a region, she founded Renewal as an experiment in the radical activation of wealth. Working through a team dedicated to deploying her assets, the Renewal capital and team activities fueled organizations, individuals and businesses working toward sustainable economic development and social and environmental justice in British Columbia and broader Canada. After a decade of anonymity, Carol co-created Play BIG to help others move forward on their own ideas to boldly activate wealth. Read more.

Ross McMillan - Guide
President and CEO,
Tides Canada

Ross was appointed President of Tides Canada in 2007. Tides Canada provides uncommon solutions for the common good by integrating work on the environment, healthy communities, and just economies. Ross oversees Tides Canada’s diverse service offerings to philanthropists, foundations, corporations, Indigenous partners, communities, and governments, including donor advised funds, impact investing, strategy development, program design, grantmaking, and evaluation. Ross was a principal architect of the Great Bear Rainforest project in British Columbia – one of the most significant conservation programs in North American history – including the creation of a $120 million conservation financing package to help support cultural and biological diversity in the region. Read more.

Joel Solomon - Guide
Chairman, Renewal Funds

Joel Solomon is Chairman of Renewal Funds, Canada’s largest social venture capital firm. Launching in 2013, Renewal3 and the now builds upon the legacy of aligning money with values established by Renewal2 and Renewal Partners. Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Joel first moved to British Columbia in the 1980s. In 1994, Joel and Carol Newell co-founded Renewal Partners to invest in sustainable businesses including Salt Spring Coffee, Seventh Generation, and Happy Planet. Together, they pioneered a whole portfolio activation to mission and purpose strategy, using an integrated capital for social change approach, with a regional sustainable economy focus. Read more.

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