Tides Canada has extensive experience providing philanthropists with tax-efficient solutions to amplify the impact of their giving. We can work with you, your family, or your professional advisor to develop a legacy giving plan that reflects your philanthropic goals. Tides Canada will ensure your values will be honoured and that your gift will be used effectively.

Please view the different ways you can leave a legacy gift below.

Leave a gift in your will (bequest)

Leaving a gift in your will (also known as a ‘bequest’) is one of the easiest and most common ways of leaving a legacy gift. This option provides you a with simple way to make a lasting impact with flexibility, as a bequest can be changed by modifying your will at any time.

Give a gift of RRSP/RRIF

Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP) and Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIF) are popular savings vehicles in Canada and yet they can be one of the highest taxed assets in your estate. Naming us as a beneficiary of your RRSP/RRIF is a highly tax efficient and easy way to make a charitable legacy gift.

Give a gift of life insurance

A gift of a life insurance policy can provide a significant legacy gift while only costing a fraction of the value of the gift. You have the option of naming us as the beneficiary of an existing policy, signing over an existing life insurance policy, or purchasing a new policy and naming us as the owner and beneficiary of the policy.

Give a gift of publicly traded securities

Making a gift of publicly traded securities is an easy tax efficient way to make a gift today, or in the future. Gifts of publicly-traded securities (stocks, income trust units, bonds, and mutual fund units) are exempt from capital gains tax. In addition to receiving a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of your gift, you will have the added benefit of the capital gains exemption on donated securities.

Other types of legacy gifts

There are a number of other ways to make a lasting legacy gift including a charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust, or a gift of residual interest. Our staff at Tides Canada would be happy to work with you and your professional advisor in planning your charitable legacy.