Learn about our initiatives building solutions to a range of environmental and social challenges.

AIDS-Free World Canada

Advocating for more urgent and effective global responses to HIV and AIDS.

Arctic Funders Group in Greenland

Arctic Funders Collaborative

Promoting more informed and effective grantmaking to support healthy Arctic communities and ecosystems.

Coalition for Action on Toxics

Strengthening laws for the health of people and the environment.

Connecting Women with Scarborough Services

Promoting safety and empowering women and children fleeing domestic violence.

Dene Nahjo

Inspiring a new generation of leaders in the North.

Digital NWT

Strengthening the foundation of community-based digital literacy in the Northwest Territories.

East Scarborough Storefront

Collaborating to support residents and build community in the inner suburban neighbourhood of Kingston Galloway/Orton Park (KGO).


Supporting community-based entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses and livelihoods across Northern Canada.


Building the confidence of Indigenous youth.

Inner Activist

Helping changemakers develop strong leadership skills to achieve more effective social change.

Innovative Young Indigenous Leaders Symposium

Supporting young Indigenous people to have an active role in collaborating with leaders of British Columbia to facilitate positive change.

Jane's Walk

Engaging communities and celebrating thriving, livable, and walkable cities.

Nexwagwezʔan - Dasiqox Tribal Park Initiative

Realizing the Xeni Gwet’in and Yuneŝit’in community vision for Dasiqox Tribal Park.

Northern Youth Leadership

Cultivating youth leaders in the Northwest Territories to be positive change agents.

NWT On the Land Collaborative

Providing more effective and centralized access to funding and resources for on the land programs in the Northwest Territories.

Ontario Indigenous Youth Partnership Project

Supporting youth-led action-focused projects that benefit Indigenous youth and their communities.

Organizing for Change

Developing more robust, focused, and effective approaches to advancing environmental policy initiatives in British Columbia.

Our Voices

Working with Indigenous youth to inspire, engage, and uphold a thriving culture.

Powered by Data

Helping nonprofits get the information they need to succeed.

Reel Youth

Empowering youth to produce and distribute films about the issues most important to them.

Salmon Aquaculture Innovation Fund

Advancing aquaculture solutions to protect wild salmon and the marine environment.

School for Social Entrepreneurs Ontario

Guiding students from all backgrounds to drive social change.

Science Integrity Project

Decisions built on the best available scientific evidence.

Shared Spaces and Social Purpose Real Estate

Supporting the exploration of shared spaces and social purpose real estate in Canada for enhanced impact, social purpose, and community development.

Social Venture Partners Toronto

Investing time and money in a venture philanthropy model to positively impact the most pressing social challenges facing Toronto.

The Reading Partnership

Focused on raising the literacy levels of children living in Toronto’s Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park community.

Turtle Island Institute

Reawakening the spirit of ancestral Indigenous ways of knowing, speaking, doing, and being to help changemakers realize large scale transformational systems change.


Helping children, youth and their families on their healing journey.

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