Impact Stories

Jane’s Walk: Staying local, going global

Shared platform project Jane's Walk is getting people out to celebrate their neighbourhoods and to play an active role in shaping their communities.

Interview: Jess Housty

Grantee partner Jess Housty shares her thoughts on leadership, indigenous stewardship, and how philanthropy can support First Nations.

Ontario Indigenous Youth Partnership Project: A unique platform for youth

Working with Indigenous youth in Ontario to grow projects that promote environmental, social, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Eyes and ears on the Pacific Coast

The Coastal Stewardship Network supports local Guardian Watchmen programs led by First Nations communities on the North and Central Coast.

Inspiring a new generation of leaders in the North

Dene Nahjo is a new generation of leaders and community builders working to promote indigenous leadership.

East Scarborough Storefront: Building community together

In East Scarborough, local residents and organizations have come together to build a thriving community in the face of adversity.

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