Director, Binners’ Project

Vancouver, BC - Downtown Eastside

Binners’ Project, a project on Tides Canada’s shared platform, is a fast-growing, innovative project.  Through our programs, which run out of the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver, we provide income opportunities for binners* and build community, capacity, and inclusion around this line of work, while also contributing to the sustainability and waste-reduction efforts of our city. Binners’ Project is a charitable initiative with social enterprise programs that provides low-barrier employment and capacity building to over 150 marginalized individuals.

Binners’ Project is seeking a new Director to carry on the project’s successful growth and continued smooth operation. Since starting in 2014, Binners’ Project has successfully launched and funded groundbreaking projects that bring income opportunities to hundreds of people per year. The Director is responsible for the overall Binners’ Project, including fundraising, communication, operations, strategy, and management. Reporting to a Steering Committee in compliance with Tides Canada Initiatives standards, the Director leads all Binners’ Project staff and 120+ binners (members) and ensures the project is fulfilling its mandate of providing economic opportunities for binners and decreasing stigma around the practice of binning.

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