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Canadians want a national strategy to create clean energy jobs, improve energy efficiency and tackle climate change

Energy conversation moves from boardrooms to living rooms (National Poll)

HALIFAX – According to a new poll, Canadians believe the country needs an energy plan that reduces fossil fuel dependence, cuts energy waste, creates more clean-energy jobs, fights climate change, and sets aside a portion of oil wealth to help prepare for a clean and renewable energy future.

“Citizens are hungry for a smart plan that will move the nation forward on the emerging global clean-energy opportunity and tackle climate change at the same time,” says Merran Smith, director of the energy initiative at Tides Canada. “If the premiers are ready to forge a bold new energy plan to make Canada a clean-energy leader, the nation is ready for it.”

Tides Canada commissioned Harris/Decima to poll Canadians on the occasion of the Council of the Federation meeting of provincial premiers, which began here this morning. The premiers are expected to discuss the shape and scope of a potential Canadian energy strategy.

Canadians were asked to indicate to what degree they would prioritize a series of objectives for a potential Canadian energy strategy. They identified as a “top” or “high” priority “improving energy efficiency” (82 percent), “creating more jobs in clean energy” (75 percent), “reducing Canada’s carbon pollution to slow down climate change” (66 percent), and “reducing our reliance on fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal” (66 percent).

In contrast, only 33 percent of those surveyed placed a “top” or “high” priority on “exporting more of Canada’s oil and gas resources.”

Meanwhile, 82 percent of those surveyed said that they either “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree” that “Canada should set aside a portion of its oil wealth to help prepare the nation for a clean and renewable energy future.”

The idea of a Canadian energy strategy resonates strongly with citizens. Fully 87 percent of those surveyed either “strongly” or “somewhat” agree with the statement “the nation needs a Canadian energy strategy to plan its energy future.”

Last week, an unprecedented and diverse ad-hoc alliance of more than 700 companies and organizations—representing millions of Canadians—challenged premiers to work together in Halifax to develop a “Clean Energy Accord.”

The Harris-Decima teleVox surveyed 1,005 Canadians by telephone between July 5th and 9th, 2012, and reflects an error interval of +/- 3.1%.

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