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Tides Canada’s Top 10 Announced

Award Honours Canada’s Most Forward-Thinking Initiatives

Tides Canada, a national leader in forward-thinking philanthropy, today announced this year’s Top 10 – an award that recognizes groundbreaking environmental and social justice projects and organizations in Canada.

Each year since 2003, Tides Canada staff, partners and experts have identified 10 standout initiatives that demonstrate exceptional leadership, vision and real-world impact in addressing environmental and social problems.

This year’s Top 10 includes initiatives from the Yukon, northern British Columbia, the Canadian Arctic, Nova Scotia, Alberta and Ontario. They focus on food, forests, water and watersheds, climate and energy, urban sustainability and indigenous cultures. The recipients include coalitions of diverse parties working past traditional differences in pursuit of shared goals.

This year’s recipients are:

  • Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, achieved by a coalition of environmental organizations and forest product companies that reached an historic conservation agreement to ensure a healthy future for Canada’s vast boreal forest
  • Sustain Ontario, Canada’s foremost food network that brings diverse groups together under one big tent to address intersecting issues related to healthy food and local sustainable agriculture
  • Small Change Fund, driven by a network of experts that connects donors to innovative grassroots projects that demonstrate how real change can be achieved with only small amounts of money
  • Protect the Peel Campaign, a cooperation between First Nations, environmental and tourism organizations working together to protect the Yukon’s Peel River watershed
  • Jane’s Walk, a game-changer in building strong communities across the globe, which in 2010 alone engaged over 10,000 people to explore their cities
  • Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, an umbrella organization that was instrumental in forming a diverse alliance to campaign successfully for Ontario to adopt the most progressive air pollution policy in North America
  • Ecology Action Centre, the voice for Nova Scotia’s environment for 40 years, with long success in addressing complex environmental issues with concrete action
  • Arctic Athabaskan Council, a treaty organization raising critical issues about the impacts of climate change on Arctic biodiversity and on traditional economies and lifestyles of northern indigenous communities
  • Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, a highly effective coalition developing long-term stewardship plans for one of British Columbia’s greatest watersheds
  • Water Matters, an organization that is successfully mobilizing and inspiring people in Alberta to protect watersheds and groundwater

“It’s remarkable to see such diverse groups coming together to find solutions that work for people and the planet. The leaders behind these initiatives are having incredible impact as they promote new ways to solve some of our most pressing social and environmental problems. They all deserve recognition and sustained support for their great work,” said Ross McMillan, President and CEO of Tides Canada.

Visit to learn more about the Top 10, view videos and images of their work, and check out past winners.

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