Leave a Gift in Your Will

Make a lasting impact.

Leaving a gift in your will (also known as a ‘bequest’) is one of the easiest and most common ways of leaving a legacy gift. This option provides you a with simple way to make a lasting impact with flexibility, as a bequest can be changed by modifying your will at any time.

Types of Gift by Will

Your gift can take on different forms:

  • Specified Gift – designates a stated amount of money or specific piece of property (such as a securities).
  • Residual Gift – designates all or a percentage of what remains in your estate after all other debts, expenses, and specified bequests have been paid.

Your gift can be restricted or unrestricted:

  • Restricted Gift – your gift will support a specific project, fund, or area of interest at Tides Canada.
  • Unrestricted Gift – your gift will support Tides Canada’s mission to provide uncommon solutions for the common good by leading and supporting actions that foster a healthy environment and just Canadian society.

Here is some sample language to help you leave a gift in your will.

Please note: You should always seek independent legal and accounting advice when choosing to make a legacy gift.