Define your corporate giving program.

Develop a giving strategy aligned with your business values. Tides Canada helps design and implement your giving program, reducing the administrative burden and helping you give back to the community.

Tides Canada offers the following advisory services for businesses:

Research & Scoping
Answer key questions and engage in exploration together.

  • Host an exploratory conversation to identify your company’s values, business goals, and interest areas.
  • Conduct a landscape assessment of an issue or geography to understand how your team can engage in a deep and impactful way.
  • Investigate new and exciting angles to your current giving program.
  • Organize a gathering of various stakeholders to explore an issue or geography to inform an impact-driven strategy.

Strategy & Design
Create strategies to get from vision to action. 

  • Design a new corporate giving program that identifies your company’s unique vision for change, focus areas, and goals.
  • Coordinate a pooled fund to leverage the resources of multiple like-minded partners to support a specific issue or geography.
  • Address funding gaps by creating a new charitable initiative.
  • Identify and build community connections to inform strategies that will have a lasting impact.

Grants Management & Delivery
Effectively and efficiently deliver your grantmaking program.

  • Develop proposal and reporting templates that are designed to be effective and accessible to all grantees.
  • Identify grantees who are doing exceptional work aligned with your corporate giving plan.
  • Manage relationships with grantees on your behalf.
  • Manage the administration of grants using a Donor Advised Fund.

Evaluation & Learning
Evaluate outcomes, share learnings, and revise as needed.

  • Develop an evaluation framework to track the impact of your corporate giving program.
  • Develop a methodology to capture lessons learned in the design and implementation stages of the program in order to inform your future giving.
  • Develop learning opportunities, such a field trips, employee engagement activities, or webinars, to learn directly from grantees and engage with peers collaborating in the space.


Because Tides Canada is a leading national charity with a unique suite of tools, we can leverage a wide range of in-house expertise to create custom solutions.

  • Simplify giving with a donor advised fund, an efficient way to manage the administration of grants
  • Activate investment capital for social change with impact investing.
  • Seed a new charitable initiative on our shared platform that supports a healthy environment, social equity, and economic prosperity

For More Information Contact:

Leanne Burton
Director, Development

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