Wealth Advisors, Family Offices, and Will & Estate Planners

Complement your client relationship.

Support your long-term client relationship by offering custom philanthropic solutions that align with their legacy plan. Tides Canada helps you and your client move beyond making a charitable gift, to making philanthropic investments that align with their unique values. 

Tides Canada offers the following advisory services for Wealth Advisors, Family Offices, and Will & Estate Planners to support the needs of their multigenerational clients:

Research & Scoping
Answer key questions and engage in exploration together.

  • Host an exploratory conversation to identify values, intended legacy, and interest areas.
  • Conduct a landscape assessment of an issue or geography to understand how your client can engage in a deep and impactful way.
  • Investigate new and exciting angles to your client’s existing philanthropy.

Strategy & Design
Create strategies to get from vision to action. 

  • Design a new philanthropic giving strategy that reflects your client’s unique vision for change, focus areas,
    and goals.
  • Coordinate a pooled fund to leverage the resources of multiple philanthropists to support a specific issue
    or geography.
  • Address gaps in the sector by creating a new charitable initiative.
  • Identify and build community connections that have a lasting impact for both your client and the community.

Grants Management & Delivery
Effectively and efficiently deliver your grantmaking program.

  • Implement a strategic philanthropic program akin to an individual or family foundation through a donor advised fund. This eliminates the administrative burden of creating and managing a private family foundation.
  • Offer customized supports to meet the needs of your client, including:
    • Develop proposal and reporting template
    • Identify grantees that are a fit with the program mission and goals
    • Administer gifts and conduct financial reporting
    • Manage relationships with grantees

Evaluation & Learning
Evaluate outcomes, share learnings, and revise as needed.

  • Meet quarterly or annually with you and your client to report on the efficacy of the philanthropic strategy.
  • Evaluate the plan and revise as needed to ensure the individual or family mission is honoured.
  • Ensure that the philanthropic plan is informed by sector trends and responsive to emerging needs.


Because Tides Canada is a leading national charity with a unique suite of tools, we can leverage a wide range of in-house expertise to create custom solutions.

  • Simplify giving with a donor advised fund, an efficient way to manage the administration of grants
  • Activate investment capital for social change with impact investing.
  • Seed a new charitable initiative on our shared platform that supports a healthy environment, social equity, and economic prosperity

For More Information Contact:

Leanne Burton
Director, Partnership Development

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