Our Program Leads

Work with our team of experienced program leads to help implement lasting solutions.

Work with our team of experienced program leads to help implement lasting solutions.

Tides Canada’s team of program leads offers distinctive tools and focuses philanthropy on solving specific challenges. Our team of program leads live in the regions they work, and have deep knowledge, extensive experience, and broad networks. They work to design and steward strategic granting portfolios to support community and donor objectives while fulfilling our mission.

We work in distinct geographic priorities—places like the Great Bear Rainforest, the Canadian North, and northern Manitoba—which allows donors to leverage the lessons and dollars of our entire funder network to amplify impact. Our work starts at the grassroots level but is national in scope, so we’re able to connect local initiatives with regional movements, to foster collaborations that create national impact.

We also evaluate the outcomes of our work on a regular basis, which allows us to be responsive and adaptive in our decision-making and continuously improve what we do. Understanding how land and water conservation, social and cultural wellness, and economic sustainability are interconnected helps us to support funders and communities in developing holistic and durable solutions to complex problems. To this end, we create and use guiding strategy documents and commission research or analyses to inform our approach, while always staying connected to and guided by the communities we support.

Above all, we value thoughtful, informed action and continue to develop trusted relationships with our donors, grantees, and partners to inform strategy and sustain the integrity of our work.

Within our priority regions and issue areas, we support Canadians creating solutions to address clearly identified needs, but often lacking philanthropic attention.

Our program leads currently manage the following strategic granting portfolios:

Northern Well-being

Fostering Northern leadership to create cutting edge solutions that enhance community and environmental well-being.

Get in touch: Stephen Ellis, Program Lead, Northern Canada

Pacific Communities and Conservation

Working with Pacific communities to foster local economies and build their capacity for realizing long term conservation and human well-being.

Get in touch: Kim Hardy, Program Lead, Western Canada

Sustainable Food Systems

Building strong local food systems for healthy people, healthy communities, and healthy environments across Canada, with a current focus in Northern Manitoba.

Get in touch: Julie Price, Program Lead, Manitoba