Northern Confluence

Working at the confluence of salmon, community, and land use in Northern British Columbia.

Northern Confluence is dedicated to conserving the salmon watersheds that sustain our communities, economies, and shared futures. Rooted in northwestern British Columbia and drawing on perspectives from across the region, Northern Confluence is working to improve land use decisions that respect Indigenous laws and rights, and are based on sustainability principles.

Northwestern British Columbia is one of the most vibrant landscapes in North America. Its snow-capped peaks, lush green valleys, and dense forests sustain grizzlies, wolves, and moose. Wild rivers course through the region, offering spawning grounds for salmon and steelhead.

These natural riches have supported Indigenous Peoples for thousands of years. In recent years, they have also given rise to tourism-based economies as well as to mills, mines, and smelters.

Yet this remains a place where the natural world is prized. Children spot bears on the way to school. Families arrange their schedules around salmon runs. And hunters feed their loved ones by going on the land. Most people who live here value the clean water, wild rivers, and thriving forests that support us.

These values inspire the work of Northern Confluence.

Northern Confluence