NWT On the Land Collaborative

Providing more effective and centralized access to funding and resources for on the land programs in the Northwest Territories.

The NWT On the Land Collaborative Fund brings together government, charitable, and other partners in a combined effort to improve the efficiency of accessing money and other resources (such as tools and equipment) for on the land projects.

When grantees apply to the fund, applications go to a group of funders who will work together to support projects. On the land projects that have received grants include youth culture camps, canoe trips, traditional harvesting, and more. The fund approved 35 applications for a total of $391,850 to support on the land projects in 2016.

The Government of the Northwest Territories and Tides Canada jointly led the development of the Collaborative along with current partners:

  • Dominion Diamond Corporation
  • The NWT Recreation and Parks Association
  • TNC Canada
  • The PEW Indigenous Leadership Initiative
  • The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, and
  • Community Advisors from across the NWT

Community Advisors were nominated by regional Indigenous governments to provide local context and expertise to the development and implementation of the Fund. GNWT Health and Social Services, GNWT Environment, Natural Resources, and Tides Canada all provide significant in-kind administration with coordination staff support to the Collaborative Fund.