Resilient Waters

Working to protect the integrity of wild fish habitat in the lower Fraser River by identifying, upgrading, and replacing aging flood control infrastructure.

The lower Fraser River and its tributaries are home to the largest collection of salmon runs in the world. Despite this, the integrity of wild fish habitat in the area faces numerous challenges including outdated flood control infrastructure blocking vital salmon passageways and migration routes.

Resilient Waters works to identify urgent opportunities to upgrade and replace this aging flood control infrastructure through a two-pronged approach of collaboration and inter-disciplinary research. The project engages with stakeholders, rightsholders, and knowledge-holders from across sectors including First Nations, all levels of government, farmers, academics, and stewardship groups. Evidence-based research on salmon population health and habitats will inform our work and ensure that cultural, social, and ecological factors are considered.

Please contact if you have information or would like to be involved.

Resilient Waters