Enviromentum is working to mitigate climate change impacts by helping people adopt environmentally responsible behaviours.

Enviromentum delivers Climate Conversations, a workshop that fosters environmentally responsible behaviours in high school students. We deliver Climate Conversations in Toronto, and we’re developing a working model to assist other individuals and organizations across Canada in delivering our workshop in their communities.

When we’re not working in high school classrooms, we’re consulting with other environmentally-focused initiatives to enhance the effectiveness of their programs.

We believe that as people, reducing our carbon dioxide emissions to the point where they’re environmentally sustainable is a shared responsibility for everyone. Our aim is to empower people and organizations to lead a cultural transition towards sound environmental stewardship.

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Enviromentum works with high school students to adopt environmentally responsible behaviours

Starting in schools, new Tides Canada project, Enviromentum, is tackling climate change in classroom…

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