Farms at Work’s mission is to keep farmland healthy and active in east central Ontario. To this end, we work to increase awareness of farming as a business option, and attract new farmers to east central Ontario. Farms at Work supports new farmers with a variety of innovative and regionally appropriate training and mentorship opportunities. We help them integrate into the vibrant and diverse agricultural communities across the region and assist them in accessing farmland and funding.

Through outreach and community partnerships, Farms at Work also promotes and supports on-the-ground environmental projects on farms across the region. We have taken a special interest in practices that promote pollination and beneficial insects on farms through on-farm projects, creation of publications, and presentations across the province. Farms at Work works in collaboration with many partners throughout the food and farming sector.

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Farmers learning and growing together, on and off the field

Our project, Farms at Work, recently brought together over over 100 farmers and landowners for a ‘…

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