Innovative Young Indigenous Leaders Symposium (IYILS) has a vision for young Indigenous people to have an active role in collaborating with leaders of British Columbia to envision creative, innovative pathways forward and facilitate positive change.

IYILS wants to create a strong network of motivated and self-determining young leaders who are grounded in their communities and envision Indigenous futures. Young Indigenous people of today are educated, empowered and are the fastest and largest growing demographic in Canada. Therefore, IYILS has identified the need for a strong network of these Indigenous change agents.

IYILS brings together young Indigenous leaders for a four-day symposium, who can cultivate common knowledge and ideas, empower each other and their communities, and foster collaboration. The purpose of this symposium is to intertwine the leaders of tomorrow and facilitate systemic change by actively Indigenizing the reconciliation process. This symposium will harvest Indigenous solutions to addressing barriers and inequities.

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