Jennifer Schine

Jennifer Schine

Pacific Community Lead

Jennifer Schine is the Pacific Community Lead at Tides Canada. Based in Victoria, BC, Jennifer works with communities, organizations, and First Nations in Canada’s Pacific region to help find grantmaking opportunities and cross-community networks. In addition, she works to strengthen partnerships with businesses, governmental agencies, and other key decision-makers in the province.

Throughout her career, Jennifer has focused on community-led initiatives and interdisciplinary projects. She is Principal of the consulting firm, Pacific Research and Communications, and also produces radio for CBC. 

Jennifer serves as the Arts, Culture, and Ethnography Advisor for the Sfaira Foundation, and was previously a Director of the Salmon Coast Field Station. She holds a MA in Communication from Simon Fraser University and a BA in Anthropology from the University of Victoria. Jenni is grateful to learn from the many knowledge holders in the traditional territories where she works and plays.