A new shared home in Yellowknife

Yellowknife office open houseTides Canada recently hosted an Open House at our new downtown Yellowknife office.

More than 60 visitors came by to see the new space where our Northern Canada Program Lead, Steve Ellis, is stationed along with some new officemates—three projects on the shared platform, Dene Nahjo, Northern Youth Leadership, and Arctic Funders Collaborative.

The opportunity arose thanks to some fortuitous timing. Steve was searching for a new office when he discovered that Northern Youth Leadership was also in need of a new location. Knowing that Dene Nahjo and Arctic Funders Collaborative were in the process of hiring their new Project Directors, it became clear there was a critical mass to consider a shared space. “We wanted a big common area that colleagues and friends could use, dedicated offices for the projects and me, and generally a comfortable environment that speaks to Tides Canada’s style and ethos,” says Steve.

Steve underscores the significance of having a space where Tides Canada programs and projects can work side by side. “None of us has to work in isolation,” he says. “None of us has to feel we are a visitor in someone else’s space. We can collaborate and support each other all the better.”

The concept of shared spaces—a growing trend in the non-profit sector—is a natural extension of Tides Canada’s experience in shared governance and services. The new Yellowknife office marks an exciting opportunity for us to explore how to enhance the potential of shared spaces in the North.

“Having this office means we are all here to stay and we are growing—all very important in building our social license to operate,” says Steve.

If you are in the area, visit the Tides Canada Yellowknife office located at 205-5006 50 Avenue.
Yellowknife office open house

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