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Introducing Above Ground: A human rights and accountability project on Tides Canada’s shared platform

Above Ground

We are pleased to introduce and welcome a new human rights project to Tides Canada’s shared platform – Above Ground (

Above Ground encourages Canadian companies to respect human rights and the environment when working overseas. They raise public awareness and facilitate debate regarding the relationship between corporations and human rights.

In instances where human rights violations have occurred, Above Ground promotes access to justice in Canada for those who are harmed by Canadian companies. 

“Victims face an uphill battle when they seek justice in Canadian courts,” says Karyn Keenan, Director of Above Ground. “The current policy framework in Canada must change to prevent human rights abuse and provide remedy to those who suffer harm.”

The Above Ground website features analysis on corporate accountability issues, including ground-breaking litigation in Canada involving foreign claimants. The project is currently undertaking research on the human rights impacts of Canadian mining investment in Brazil. Above Ground is also working to promote measures to enhance corporate accountability.

Above Ground builds on the work of the Halifax Initiative, a former Tides Canada project that provided leadership in Canada on international economic policy, including the operations of international and domestic financial institutions.

Above Ground joins nearly 40 other innovative social change projects on Tides Canada’s shared platform, which supports on-the-ground efforts to create uncommon solutions for the common good.

Find out more about our shared platform and other social change projects.

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